Excuse me it’s urgent – though she can’t say it

Excuse me it’s urgent - but she can say it

A lady with a tensed situation came to a private hospital. It was at the ICU; hopefully the patient was taken inside. Everybody was in hurry, but nothing I noticed big.

A little later we realized that a minor accident had happened to that lady’s husband, that something had accidently pricked his eye. As usual nurses and the doctors were running here and there, while the treatment was going on. This happens usually at hospitals.

At that time I really noticed something odd. Which is, the lady was struggling a lot, of course she might be totally out of mind because it’s her husband who is at the ICU. But she really was uneasy, she was not smart enough to reply the doctors and question the nurses. She didn’t know to explain what actually happened, and hopefully she didn’t know what happening around her.

When adjusting her dress, I just realized that she never moved along with the society. Yes, she wanted to save her loving husband, wanted to go ahead with the situation, but something made her stop and backwards. I guess she didn’t know how to handle the situation.

Then latter I met her at the pharmacy. From a corner my eyes kept on watching herself. She came with the prescription I guess also with a tension. She wanted to push the glass door and go inside but as there were more costumers inside she was hesitating. She couldn’t manage herself. Finally somebody helped her that minute.

I always wonder why people atleast don’t train their ladies to handle some urgent situations like this.

When she got married it’s not only her own little world to go on. From there, it’s her own problems to meet; who solves them, no one of you could involve or interfere. Life is not a fairy tale.

Please, guide our girls how to deal at a bank, hospital, pharmacy and places like where you meet some emergency times. Where, you don’t have time to seek help from a well known person.

Accidents and emergencies will not let you know before they meet you.

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