How to make Ice-cream – in this hot summer

How to make Ice-cream - in this hot summer

Summer heat burns our skin, and dries our throats, need some thing cold to drink, how about a home made ice cream ?

Things You need

Condensed milk – 1 tin

Water – 1 ½ tin

Gelatin – 3 T.sp

Milk powder- 3-4 Tb.sp

Vanilla extract – 1 T.sp

Step –

  1. Except gelatin add all the mixture together and mix with a spoon.
  2. Now double boil gelatin with ½ cup of water. Pour gelatin mixture to the above mixture and beat well. And refrigerate for ½ an hour.
  3. While refrigerating beat the mixture for 5-8 times by leaving an interval in-between each.

Now your Vanilla Ice-cream is ready to serve…

(You can add coloring or coco powder/ fruits and nuts if you need)

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