She wrote about herself – the selfie story

She wrote about herself - the selfie story

The lesson was about writing “My Self”. After explaining I asked my kiddies to write down one. As they are still grade 2 I wrote a sample and I asked them to fill the blanks with their details.

With lots of fun happily the activity came to an end. The red ink moved as tick and cross on all the books. Most of the blanks were filled, some were still blank. Some were crazy answers and some made laugh the extreme.

She the lonely girl had written her name, age, grade, name of school, her best friend’s name, favorite things and all about herself. For sure, she had written her family details too. “My mother’s name is (name)”, “My father’s name is ………………….” The answer which had filled the blank was “no father”. My pen couldn’t move, I was held at the moment.

What would I do? Can I put a right or wrong or circle it or correct it?

What shall I? ……

I shook my head, raised my head, my eyes were searching for at the playing area, my sight caught her, she was very busy in playing with her friends.

She wrote about her self-thepennib

She has no siblings. Her mother is a convert. So no relatives she has. She love siblings, she love families. But she doesn’t own one. Mother and the girl moves with their neighbors. No one is there to help them.

Also I can remember once I asked my kiddies to draw their family, that time also she had drawn her beautiful fairy family. The members of her family were she, her mother and her imaginary father.

There are lots of children feel so, only what we can do them is showing them the true love and not to leave them alone. Where ever they are, let’s show them a motherly love and care.

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