The first drawing which impressed me

The first drawing which impressed me-thepennib

That was quite busy working day. I realized that my kids at school are feeling stressed after a bulk of works. So I requested those little buddies to pull out there drawing books and draw a free art, just to let their minds and pens flow on the paper. This means, that I didn’t give them a topic to draw which will surely make them more stressful, perhaps more creative.

While picking up their favorite colors from their crayon box, every little finger started drawing what they wish. Once all the kids have finished drawing, I started collecting the colorful drawing sheets while talking to them about their pretty arts. One little girl, had drawn two girls on the picture, one was a lady and the other was a little girl. The lady was holding a bunch of flowers on her hand and the little one standing beside her. When I questioned about her art, she told me a very impressive intro of the art.

“Teacher this is you and your baby” and she told me one more thing, “Teacher I drew your eyes to your baby”.

I was completely shocked and strucked. Then I replied her “This is you and me ma darling”. Though I replied her with a happy answer, I always wonder how a little girl of 7 could imagine this much?. She knows me well that I have no kids and I am not married.

The lovely thing here and the reason for being impressive is May be I am the only girl who could see this little baby girl before getting married as an art. She, the little pie made my eyebrows raise up and a hint of smile on my lips. It was a pencil art too, she didn’t want to color it, I really love pencil arts than colorful arts, this too made me to impress. Even on the same when I was writing this I asked her the reason for her drawing, the only reply was, simply “I love you teacher”…

I love you too Amnah…

Now I feel like, if I was a bad and a rude Teacher???…..

Children know you well than you guess…

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